Benito Juarez Intl (MMMX) Bug

Has anyone been to this airport? Seems like there is a bug. Im taxing to RWY 05R for my departure to Miami when suddenly the plane crashes when approaching the runway. Hope the devs fix this.

Please put into #Support

Hey there. The developers are currently working on technical issues.


Not much you can do… This is expected with big updates from any game you play.

Just wait for an airport editor or a developer/staff member to respond. That’s pretty much all you can do right about now.
Your device specs would also help.

We airport editors can’t do anything if the aircraft simply “crashes when approaching the runway”. :)

Is this something you can reproduce easily? @PanchoAir


Okay. I just wanted to bring it to your notice if at all you could help. Thanks for informing. Will keep in mind for future 😀

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It’s most likely a terrain glitch. It’s being there but invisible because it isn’t there irl