Beniamino's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ N/A

Server: TS
Date and Time: Jan, 20th 2110Z
Airport: LSZH
Any aircraft allowed
I will be tower and ground for about 30min there, and I will have my IFATC practical test tomorrow so you would help me a lot with this.
PM me when interested



  • when u cleared for take off, you gave me right traffic so there is no need to keep giving “after the option, make right traffic”

  • need to sequence so i know what aircraft to follow. Example: #2 traffic to follow is on right downwind.
    Then #2 cleared for the option

  • Being that you were only using Rwy 34, and no other traffic on parallel taking off, no need to say maintain rwy heading to 6000.

Hope this helps you get better. Good luck!

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Thanks for feedback :) this helps a lot

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Are you still open?

No not anymore sorry

Here’s some feedback from my experiences.

  • No need to give a pattern entry after saying a pattern traffic command. You gave me an ‘enter right downwind’ command when you told me already to make right traffic. Sequence only, if necessary.

  • Similar to above, no need to repeat ‘make right traffic’ in clearance. It is assumed that the person will be remaining in the pattern and will be continuing their traffic patterns as such.

Minor points:

  • Use anticipated separation more. One person was on takeoff roll going over 100kts and I was still holding short. You could have cleared me for takeoff, anticipating that when I started my takeoff roll, the other person would be airborne. A line up and wait command was not required. (Just something that will save you time)

  • Another thing I noticed: you told someone that they were already instructed to change frequency. Stand your ground and wait for them to realise and they will do it on their own, no need to issue a frequency change when they were already told to in their taxi instructions.

Overall, not too bad! Just work on these few minor points and you’ll be on your way. Good luck!


Thank you so much for your feedback. I will try to keep those things in mind tomorrow:)

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Heya! Just a friendly reminder to change your title to [CLOSED] when you close :)

Thanks I didn’t know that it was my first time doing something like that

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