Beniamino's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @ EDDM

Server: Training Server
Date: Jan, 21 2020
Time: 1715Z to 1750Z
Any aircraft allowed
I will be tower und ground
You can fly some patterns and would help me a lot for my coming IFATC practical test.
Thanks for joining.
Critical feedback would be appreciated
PM me when interested

I will come down

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thank you so much

There is no need to make a second one. Pick one of them, and continue on that one by editing the title whenever you’re open or closed.

Hey, G-AJDG here.

You gave me a transition at 2500ft however with the elevation of EDDM being just over 1400ft that put me at the pattern altitude. Both times I flew through your active patterns with traffic in them. You need to give your transition altitude as 1000ft above the pattern so, it would have been 3500ft if you only had light aircraft or 4000ft if you had larger aircraft.

Thank you for opening!

Ok thank you for the feedback

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