Benghazi to Istanbul with Libyan Air

Yesterday since a featured airport was Istanbul (LTFM) I decided to fly a very unpopular and underused livery. I took a Libyan Air A320 from Benghazi (HLLB) also an underserved airport to Istanbul new airport.

Server: Expert Server
Flight time: 1 hour 45 minutes
Route: Benghazi (HLLB)- Istanbul (LTFM)

Pushback and starting engines


Somewhere over Western Turkey

Touchdown, one of my fastest landings 180 kts!

Finding out where Libyan Air parks at Istanbul wasn’t easy but after 30 minutes I figured it out.

This is one of my favorite liveries in Infinite Flight and I hope to fly it again soon.

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Thank you all 🙏


Great photos!

Why were you landing at 180knts?


I ended up too fast on final, and tried to avoid a go around. So I deployed flight spoilers and they helped a lot.


Nice really nice

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When my new iPad comes in, I’m going to start doing more flights like these. Great topic!

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Landing at 180 kts is foul! I voted for pic 7 but please dont land at 180 kts anymore.

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Maybe foul, but I greased that landing!

Great shots, and this is definitely a great livery! I sort of forgot it was in the game, I may have to use it soon.

On a piloting note, a large percentage of pilot error-related landing accidents are because the pilot didn’t want to go around. Nothing wrong with giving it another shot ;)


I love the photos mate! Keep them up :)

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