Benefits of linking a Google account?

Title says the question ^^^

If you link a google account, you can log in by one tap. Also is consistent if you use google for IFC

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How do I link?

You should see a Login with Google. Click on it, and login with your Google account.

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Where is the button?

Ur user profile, tap on the info „I“ beneath your callsign

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I don’t see it… Only “i” I see is beside my grade table

Try to do your best pilot. I feel you’ll make it! Best of luck.

It is just related to some account issues lol not how I fly 🤣

As you guys can see, all I see is this.

I remember being able to link my Google account but that was years ago. Maybe @schyllberg can help!

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I can’t even find an account with those details. Have you changed the display name and/or callsign?

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Whoops sorry, I think I changed my callsign. It is now N620LK, and same name.

Your account is already linked :)

It should show on the page but there’s a bug with that.


How about mine is it linked or no?

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Unless you see “Link account” in the bottom right, the answer is yes.