Benefits of Grade 4

Achieved Grade 4 today.

Any benefits ?

You are now green, (or rather your callsign is), and you can flex about it. Other than that, nothing else.


There should be some benefits.

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What would you suggest? Imo, not much after access to expert that’s worth working for.

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Grade 4 and 5 have no benefits other then a different name tag color in game And being able to brag to other pilots in the air that you are better then them;)


I’m a grade 5 and my name is gold. I think that’s a great benefit

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Better in case of what?
It only tells, that you can earn two landings a day. It doesn’t express anything about skill.

I mean it kinda dose, You cant have any violations like at all for grade 5, Not getting violations could be considered a skill. As well as XP as it is a direct indicator of how much you fly.

As a grade 5 myself it took along time to get to, about a year And i need 2 landings a day to keep it. I haven’t gotten a vio in over a year and I only really fly one aircraft of witch I’m very skilled at.

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Some clout and that’s about it 😂

It also does for G4/3. And don’t get me wrong: grade 5 is an achievement. I don’t deny. But in my opinion it’s pure willingness to get 2 landings a day. And if you reach this by flying real flights: great. But there are so many people that do this by farming: flying pattern, or even worse: searching for a long runway and doing touch and goes along the runway.

Keep that to yourself. Don’t want people realizing how easy it is to maintain grade 5


Lol actually facts

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;) that‘s not a real secret. People can just search the forum for it. Flying professional on the ES, that’s something that is satisfying instead of hunting for tag colors. But that’s just my humble opinion. When you get your satisfaction out of maintaining a grade, hey that’s great :)

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Earn ? Landing ? Or have to do ?

It would be nice to see grade 5 as more of a challenge. Not just to achieve it, but also to maintain it. It could be based off of more than just XP, landings, and flight time. Could be how nice the landings were or how well you calculated how much fuel you need for a flight. Could even be based on if you’re a real pilot

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I agree, some more challenges would be nice. I got grade 5 two times and I was holding it for half a year and almost one year. But I lost the motivation for it. Now I fly as often as I want to and it’s great. And perfectly matches my private life.

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There’s no benefits other than the change of colour tag. That’s it.
I don’t take it seriously nowadays just building up my XP is what I strive for.


Yup, I do the same. XP and landing count.


I’m close to grade 5. Need some more landing but violations screw me up

Good, U have change the color sign of your username

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