Benefits From Studying Aviation in HK

There’s one flight school that I’m applying for in HK, HKIAA, Hong Kong International Aviation Academy. However, I might move back to the States and the training will be terminated there. Would this experience be beneficial to me when I start again in the States? Or would it be a waste of money? Pros and Cons?

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If you train there now, then you’ll have more experience. So when you move back you will have more knowledge. But you may have to tell them what you have been up to in HK when going to the academy in the US

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Hey, I might be applying for the HKIAA too :) I hope to see you there, if we can meet.
Honestly you should be applying because you’ll have more experience if you go to another flight SCHOOL in the US.

I’ll definitely want to meet you, I’m agreeing to everything I’m seeing on the thread. Anything negative, developing different protocols as to what is required in the States?

If I learn from HKIAA and go to US, can I apply to ground school exam immediately, or will I need a flight instructor?

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