Benefit of using Google Earth Pro


I know everyone already knows that Google Earth Pro is free, and most probably know that you can save better-quality images. But do you know how much better? Here’s a hint. I was editing an airport, and was using regular Google Earth’s overlay images. Large airport, it took 85 overlay images to cover it. With Google Earth Pro, I was able to save images with a resolution better than 4K! Each picture was about 10 MB large, but I was able to reduce 85 images down to 12. And even with that the quality was better than with the 85 regular ones when you zoomed in.

I highly recommend you guys get Google Earth Pro to capture overlay images. It will save you a lot of time. Less images to put together, plus a higher quality overall.

P.S. If I had known this earlier I would’ve bought Google Earth Pro for its regular price. That’s how much this has helped :)


Do you have a link?


Could just look up Google Earth Pro lol but here you go:


thanks bro


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If you import them one at a time without changing the zoom or position of your map it will all be lined up. You won’t have to worry about rescaling them because if you import them at the same zoom level they will all be the same size. Then you just go through lining them up once they’re all imported. Once the whole puzzle is set up, select all of them and use the marquee drag tool to scale it up to the size of the airport. I usually use the ends of runways to tell me if the scaling is right.