Ben’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PERMANENTLY CLOSED]

Here’s my road to IFATC tracking thread, hopefully a committed effort this time. Will be open at KMSF (Sacramento) on TS1 for as long as I can today. Hope to see many of you there!

I’ll try coming in a Caravan ;)

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Nice controlling, I suck at giving feedback so I’m going to let you judge yourself lol
Good luck on your road to IFATC! Hope to see you controlling in Expert soon!

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Its KSMF for Sacramento. :)

Oops, you’re right. That’s what I meant, typing error :)


Opening in Phoenix for a while, hope to see you there.

Closed due to poor connection. Sorry for those who came. I’ll be back later with better connection and longer times. Thanks to all that came.

Started patterns as SWA Test Flight 880
-took off from 25R, but it was a good idea to move me to the “outside” runway for pattern work so other traffic doesn’t have to cross
Possible improvements:
-cleared me to land instead of the option, so I had to restate my intentions - not a big deal since you fixed it after that. It’s better to be error free on that specific operation; a huge pet peeve when I control on TS1 is when a pilot doesn’t know the difference between remaining and departing.

Keep it up!

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Permently closed as I made IFATC :)


Congratulations on passing


Welcome to the team!