Beluga XL and More! High Altitude Spotting

Hey, everyone!

I have been all around France lately, and being between England and Africa as well as America and the Middle East, i can say I have seen a few things.

As always, these pics are not for the quality, but more for the concept of seeing planes “in action”. At the end there will be the usual poll to know if you want me to keep taking this type of pictures.

Iberia A330 EGLL-LEMD

Alitalia 777-200 KJFK-LIMC

Air Caraibes A350-1000 SOCA-LFPO

Air Austral 787 LFPG-FMCZ

Airbus Beluga 5 EDDH-LFBO

Airbus Beluga XL EDDH-LFBO

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Thank you!



I really like this photo! Keep going they are great!


Thank you! I hope to go airport spotting by the end of August!

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Pray Greenpeace doesn’t kick you out

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Love these shots. Different than most but still great to look at. Nice shots!


I Really love your photos ! Especially the 787 of Air Austral ! (which was going to FMCZ if you want to add)

ooh thank you!

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Damn this looks so good 😳🔥
Really nice work!
I will be happy if you post of pictures like this : )

Which camera are you using ?

i am out of likes but thank you! I use a canon SX60HS

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Because you could solve a hunger crisis with all that grain.

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