Below Average ATC Today (1/13/18)

Flying into Key West and Miami today, I’ve had to go around 4 times (combined). 2 at Key West and to at Miami. I’ve had to go around because the controlller cleared an aircraft for takeoff right before I was going to land. Also, a controller at Key West used the closed runway (09) and not the open runway (27). The ATC is usually spectacular, but today it wasn’t that good.

I just took off from KJFK on training right now. Surprisingly there was no ATC so we resorted to unicom. I bet Baltimore approach/ground will have no ATC.

I think this thread is for expert but correct me if I am wrong

Hello what server was this on? If it was the expert server let us know the name of the controller so I can point you in the right direction.

If it is for expert. A runway that’s highlighted red doesn’t mean it’s closed , it just means the winds are not favoring it at the time.


I was the last approach controller at KEYW and I’m sorry to hear you didn’t have a favorable experience.

In regards to the runway, we were using runway 09 at KEYW because it was previously marked green and was also in use at the real-world airport. When the METAR updated next, a crosswind of about 5 knots was coming out of about 340°, so yes, runway 9 was marked red, but there was a very small crosswind factor. With 10 aircraft on the ground lined for runway 9 on a single taxiway and about 15 on Approach, we decided to keep utilizing runway 9.

EDIT: Checking my screenshots now… and at 2224Z we had winds of 30003KT.


A wind of 3kts is considered variable and weak and therefore can be disregared as any component at all…

You could well takeoff with that 3kts in your tail without risking to crash at the end ! ;)

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I can understand Key West, butim relitively happy with whoever controlled there. I saw three people, 1 spawned in there with a 777, another taxied through me, and one taxied without permission, all of them got ghosted! I think the ATC could have been better at MIA though. Thanks @CapriciousWisewater


There was a point where key west was using Unicom and a plane said he was on short final a little to late and I could not see a plane as the visibility was not that clear so I just ruled my 737 and I made someone go around. Making someone go around feels bad… 🤣

No problem!

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Hey @JBR409,

It’s also a good time to point out that red/yellow/green on the runways does not point out Open/Closed runways. It just means that winds are favorable for a runway when not red. Depending on how bad the winds are, if there is a switch mid session, the controller doesn’t need to change which runways they are using. Now if it gets above 7 or 8 kts, then usually a controller will switch.

Look at KASE for a good example of why red/green doesnt matter. There is one way in, and one way out.


What’s a open and closed runway on IF?

This doesn’t technically exist in IF, the colour markings relate to the wind.

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Sorry to go slightly off-topic, but what’s the point of repeating the same thing over and over after the controller has responded?


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