Belle Chasse NASJRB Flyout @KNBG - 230045ZSEP19

I am holding a flyout out of Belle Chasse Naval Air Station Joint Reserve Base (KNBG), near New Orleans, Louisiana. Choose any fighter jet you wish. We will fly to Baton Rouge Airport (KBTR).

Aircraft and Livery: Any fighter jet

Route: KNBG - KBTR

Time of Departure: 2019-09-24T00:45:00Z

Server: Casual (to avoid any violations)

Additional Info: Join 5 minutes before departure. When you spawn in, please taxi to the apron. There are no spots besides the runway to spawn in from.


Hi, fir a Flyout, it needs to be in events. I also strongly suggest you team up with some other indaviduals fir your first event.

It’s not an event. It’s a group flight. What he did was right.

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OP flagged for closure.