Bell Nexus!

Bell has introduce their new concept, the Bell Nexus. The Nexus will be the future of air taxis.


The Nexus has been unveiled in the form of a full-scale mockup at CES 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada, where it has been joined at Bell’s booth by a “future flight controls” experience that the company has launched to help inform the design of the aircraft’s pilot interface.

Bell’s VP of innovation, Scott Drennan, said the development of the technologies behind the Nexus heralded “a new era of flight,” and believes viable commercial operations for the type will be possible in the mid-2020s. First flight of a fully-autonomous technology demonstrator is planned for the early 2020s. “The concept of air taxi is really nothing new to us we’ve been moving people over urban obstacles for a long time,” said Scott Drennan, VP of innovation at Bell.
It’s the second year in a row that Bell has appeared at CES a mecca for showcasing the latest technological developments and innovations from around the world — and follows the unveiling of the mockup of the Nexus’s fuselage at the event 12 months ago.


Not a real chopper though.

Bet it even has an autopilot and that FADEC thingy.


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But it’s still a cool look! Lol
I’m actually excited see how this taxi works and how it’ll be categorized.

First boeing released a weird design now this

That looks quite ugly.

I deffinetly agree with that

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I got immediately repelled as I saw this. It’s ugly. But cool though.

Looks a bit like one of those planes/helis from the avatar movie.

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Uber “As soon as it’s released we will make a AD on YouTube about it.”

Looks futuristic!. But a bit not looks like a helicopter , i know it was still concept :)

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