Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey Series


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The Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey series is a military used Helicopter/Aircraft. What makes this “helicopter” so different is the rotors tilt to turn the helicopter into a aircraft. The Osprey can do a straight vertical take-off with a max V/S of +3,160 feet per minute! That is insane! This is only used in military service and is still in service today. There were about 215 Ospreys made and is manufactured by Boeing, designed by Bell Helicopter Industries.

In my opinion I would absolutely live to fly this in Infinite Flight. I mean look at it! It’s a helicopter that turns into a plane by the rotors tilting! Every year when I go to Durango I see many Ospreys stationed in KDRO. This helicopter/aircraft is truly an engineering marvel. Also I know the IFAE-GAF would love to play around with this toy!

Basic Info on the Osprey

Crew: 3 People
Length: 57.41 Feet (17.5 Meters)
Width: 84.65 Feet (25.8 Meters)
Height: 22.08 Feet (6.73 Meters)
Weight (Empty): 33,069 Pounds (15,000 Kilograms)
Engines: 2 x Rolls-Royce T406-AE 1107C-Liberty Turbo shaft Engines
Horsepower: 6,150
Range: 1,011 Miles (1,627 Kilometers; 879 Nautical Miles)
Ceiling: 25,000 Feet (7,620 Meters; 4.73 Miles)


United States Air Force

– 7th Special Operations Squadron
– 8th Special Operations Squadron
– 20th Special Operations Squadron
– 71st Special Operations Squadron
– 418th Test Flight Squadron
– United States Marine Corps
– United States Navy (Deliveries expected in 2020)

Japanese Air Force

– Self Defense Order

Israeli Air Force (expected)

More Info

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Good old Osprey, it takes crews years to even get qualified to fly this, I worked with an Osprey pilot he said it took him 8 years to fly it

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This would be nice, but doesn’t it have a VTOL function so I think it will be a bit until it’s implemented.

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Yea it’s crazy how much training you need for this.

@bookers4eva yes it does have a VTOL function, who knows when it could be added!


That thing looks so interesting and awesome for Infinite Flight! Would definitely love to have the plane some time. But that would mean introducing helicopters to Infinite Flight… :)

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If this happens I hope the Osprey can experience the Vortex Ring State

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Yea I’d recommend watching videos on it, it’s actually pretty crazy how the rotors can tilt.


That might be pretty cool but scary for others!😂

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Oh it’s a scary feeling but it’s fun

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I would love to see this in game, such a beautiful piece of machinery, but unfortunately, we would have to have VTOL capability, since the rotors/props are to big to takeoff/land in airplane mode.

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It’d still be quite cool

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I have had the pleasure of flying on these in real life, let me find a spare vote… sure I left it lying around here somewhere?


You are one lucky guy to go up into one of these things. Thanks for the vote also! Wherever you could find one…:)

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Wouldnt say lucky when it was the middle of Afghanistan haha


Still in any case it would be awesome to fly in one

Going fix this comment for you. They’re very cool to watch fly and do Sling Load Operations


No offence, but I really don’t think IF and pilots are ready for something as complex as this machine, I don’t see them developing this at all, but it’s a nice idea.

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Who knows, it will challenge the pilots to learn. Which would be cool about it.