Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

A hybrid navy prop/heli! I know it will be hard to implement. Considering the changes in lift and the propeller animations. Note: I merged these pics into one

Only 1 livery:

  • US Marines

Add the marine one livery. We could carry the president to the Air Force one.


I’m surprised no one has requested this yet. One of the few aircraft request that I actually think would be cool to see.

It’s been requested on the feedback forum tho

Just type in “V-22 Osprey” on the feedback forum :)

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Awesome aircraft I love it . These aircraft can use 2 way (1. helicopters in one way and 2. become airplane) Wawooo .

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This would be a great addition!

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I do totally agree. And this aircraft would help to get some experience in developing maybe in the future helicopters as well

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USMC isn’t only branch with V-22, USAF has it too. It will be awesome to take off like helicopter then fly like plane in IF.

Update: Apparently JSDF will be future operator, so that’s three liveries now.

Marine One is not a V-22 Osprey, it is a Sikorsky SH-3 Sea King or the newer, smaller VH-60N “White Hawk” 99% of the time

Pidge that commentn is literally more than a year old its no use trying to reply to that. 😂

I thought India was interesting in getting some aa well

Seems like a nice aircraft!
Especially interesting looking at the VTOL aspect of it!

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This would be so fun to see people try to fly specially in helicopter mode lol

I’ve always wanted to see a helicopter in the game ever since I downloaded it in 2013, great idea!


Me too! I think there’s a new door waiting to be open!

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