Bell 412 next to Russia

Sometimes working in Alaska, you get some incredible shots!
Thought it be fun share some Alaska pictures with our helicopter!

The first picture is of Abraham Lincoln, the Nickname for our 412 recently on Little Diomede bringing in the mail,
The second picture was mail and passenger runs, if you look closely in the second picture you’ll see Big Diomede which is Russian territory.
We fly out both passengers and mail to the Island of Diomede. It’s a very unique and cool village to visit, it’s consider an extreme tour destination since there is no hotels on the island. The only way on and off is with helicopters, if the Sea freezes right Diomede builds an ice runway out there, so far they have not been able to establish this for the 2018 season.


Woooowwwww thats so cool dude!!!

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Very cool m’dude, wish I was there🤩

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Thanks! We have a unique operation! I’ll be flying that route this summer!

I have a non Aviation question but do you need a passport just to go to the Russian island or do they just sorta let you go there?

Pretty sure they dont fly to the Russian territory

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Yeah your right. Idk what brought me to believe that they bring passengers to Russsia :)


You’d need figure some way out to Big Diomede Russia I would assume that you need a passport, we do not service Big Diomede, we do Little Diomede. Here’s a map showing the two different islands.
There is an airlines out of Nome known as Berring Air that has flights to Russia, to get there from the United States you do need a passport!

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