Believe It Or Not, But I’ve……

This is a thread for those experiences regarding aviation that not many will be able to believe for one reason or another. Maybe you’ve never flown out of your state before. Or never flown in an A321 but have flown in an A318, 19, and 20.

Share a story or fact that you know to be true regardless is it can be verified or not. I’ll start:


Believe it or not, but I’ve never flown in an A318, 19, 20, or 21 with sharklets…… ever. And I average at least 2-4 flights on those aircraft (except the A318) every year.


I flew on BOTH the 767’s featured in Home Alone 2, both N358AA, and N332AA. 332 in 2013 and 358 in 2015.


Damn really

Thats actually incredibly cool

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I’m just shocked that you remembered the registrations. Lol

… my life isn’t very exciting lol

Believe it or not, I’ve flown in EVERY Boeing jet airliner at least once that’s ever existed EXCEPT the 787.


i keep a list of significant planes i’ve been on lmao

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even the 720?

Wish I had the foresight to do that. But I’m too focused on ATC than the registration of my aircraft. Lol

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The 727-100?

no, this:

To me, that’s just a shorter, longer distance 707. I have no idea if I flew in that or just a regular 707. But it was a 707.

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I’ve been within a 1,000 feet of Air Force Two. I watched it from a taxiway takeoff out of Hill AFB this past summer


Believe it or not…I’ve been on Massachusetts’ shortest inter-state commercial flight (KBOS-KMVY). Lovely 17 minute E190 flight.


Believe it or not… I play Infinite Flight


Sort of falls into this topic:

As well, general isn’t for real life Aviation—just Infinite Flight