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Hello and welcome to this guide about Belgrade airport and the companies that operate on the airport, the airport is not in 3D version. Personally I live on Belgrade and my foreign family lives there, Belgrade is an international airport, a hub located in Eastern Europe, Balkans.
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Air Serbia is the company of Serbia,have 85 destinations,he can fly to JFK,CHICAGO and Tiajin with A332

Terminal A

Gate A10

Gate A09

Gate A08

Gate A07

Gate A06

Gate A05 A321 Wizz air Malta @anon87523340

Gate A04

Gate A03 B738 Anadolujet Ankara @Turkish182

Gate A02

Gate A01 A318 Tarom Bucharest @Cristian_Buzoianu

Terminal C

Gate C01

Gate C02

Gate C03 Nice A321 Wizz air @ilijabgc

Gate C03A

Gate C04

Gate C05

Gate C05A B777F FedEx Charlotte @DJW

Gate C06 A220 Air Baltic Riga @Artemiypilot

C07 A319 Generic Tivat @Rastko_Roza

Gate C07A

Gate C08

Gate C09

Gate C10


ATC Ground:



ATC Departure:

ATC Approach:

ATC Center:


You’re welcome Serbia!! My best Friend !!!

Oh sorry I thought I can decide on the destination, anyway you can sign me for Belgrade to Bucharest 😁

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Ok! Belgrade to Bucharest very nice route !

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Guys,who wants flying to JFK ?? With Delta A330 !

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Who wants flying from Belgrade to JFK ?

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