Belgian Waffles & CES2022 @ KLAS

Behold, my first topic of 2022! This spotting session makes my introduction into 2022. January in Las Vegas brings the CES2022 convention meaning some of the world’s airlines flight into Vegas. The airlines that participated this year are Air France, Air Belgium, Korean Air, KLM, and Asiana Airways. I unfortunately did not see any of these besides the Air Belgium arrivals due to me having to get an education.

Meeting up a bunch of local spotters I know, I was able to see the SF Giants A320 for the first time, lets go Braves! 💀

One of the few domestic heavies that UAL sent! This one took a short hop from LAX. ✈️

I didn’t stick around for long and decided I wanted some more contrasty shots so I moved, here’s a grey’d out Global 6000 over the numbers. 🛬

A 1 Month Old Spirit A320neo. 🍌

Lower Quality but Colorado One had fitted the new tail the very same morning! Here’s her 2nd flight in the new scheme. 💙❤️💛

What I’d call the star of the show, an Air Belgium A339 arriving from Paris! 🧇

Flair that never Flared, here’s a Flair B38M on quite the high approach. 💚🖤

Golden Swoop, Golden Hour ✨


Canon Rebel EOS 250D
Canon Rebel EOS 450D [OLD]
Tamron 18-270mm F/3.5-6.3
Tamron 100-400mm F/4.5-6.3
Manfrotto Carbon Fiber Tripod

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Lmao I love this line, anyways beautiful photos man!

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Absolutely love these. Nice to see Air Belgium flying to some other places (whether it’s for a convention, military charter or normal charter).

Seen both of their A330-900neos at Brussels, truly beautiful (almost like them better than the A340-300s). You definitely got better shots than me though xD.

And for the rest of the shots, stunning as well obviously.


That Belgian A339 is hot.


Certainly do look a lot better than the other aircraft that came in yesterday, if not the best. They have a pretty clean and vibrant livery and I love it!

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New Route? The Last 4 Photos are stunning, Especially the Maxes!

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My boy got an a339 and didn’t even include the sharklets

Whatever you did to this poor A330-900neo, I demand you write an apology letter for absolutely butchering its winglets off.


Omg @Dan_77 there’s winglets!


I think you need to hire both I and @LordWizrak to be your full time editors

We’ll get you to a professional standard, don’t worry!

  1. cut off wings gang
  2. some of your best yet, good work dude
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What Andrew said

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Woah that Belgium livery.

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Uncool 👎

mad cause bad


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I was expecting a picture of some yummy Belgian waffles when I read the title! Haha! Looks like you had a really nice day! Love the Air Belgium NEO!

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