Belfast International - EGAA - is Complete!

Before any speculation starts, this doesn’t confirm any new region!

Also a thanks to @Kilt_McHaggis for tweaking the spawn points for me and adding EGAA to his website :)

X-Plane File

My work :)

The best and hardest part :)

Kilt’s work :)

I’m doing Kansai International currently, and no this doesn’t confirm any new region either!


Nice work there.

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thanks so much! Stay tuned, I’ll post the original X-plane airport too

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Nice work✌🏻️

Is it too hard to use the airport editing tool?

it all depends on the lazy X-Plane editors LOL


@Sturmovik I added an X-Plane file picture :)

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It doesn´t look that bad. The larger taxiways were already done.

i wanna see the Berlin airport done XD

Yes, but they made them curved by putting a bunch of straight slabs instead of actually curving the taxiway

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I have a list of what I’d like to do first ;P


i will tantrum, not sure you want to see a 19 year old throwing his toys out of the pram XD

So you had to remove those and add properly curved taxiways?

Try watching a 13 year old who’s going to Highschool working on an airport which is a huge manmade island XD


Yes, complete refresh

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Do you guys draw all around the world?
It just “amazing” !
Can we request any region to you?
Do you get any money by drawing?

What kind of a question is this? He’s editing the airport so it’ll be added to IF (well he did try to say it may not happen lol)

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I don’t understand what you saying
editing? so it already exist?


Don’t get it as well, lol