Belavia E175 (New Livery)

Belavia E175


About Belavia

Belavia was founded on March 5 1996 in Minsk Belarus. It is the flag carrier of the country and has a fleet of 29 aircraft, Mainly consisting of Boeing and Embraer Aircraft.

About the E175

The E175 is a regional airliner made by Embraer. It was first introduced into service with Air Canada. The majority of the order for the aircraft have came from North American carriers.

OH MY DAYS, my favorite livery of all 175! It just fits the E175. Unfortunately, I do not have any votes left! But I fully support this livery and hope it would come!


Same here, Belarus deserves another livery!


Exactly and this area is also very underrepresented in IF. Like the A220 would get the Air Baltic Livery for sure 110% because it is impossible to not have that in the game. And this livery applies as well for the Ejet!

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It would make sense because the CRJ200 is now retired. Plus we’d finally get the new livery for Belavia!

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small bump


With the current and only representation of Belavia’s fleet being the CRJ-200, which has since been left obsolete due to being phased out while serving a pretty small network, this aircraft is something I don’t think should be missed.

Their E175 serves as a workhorse for the short-haul network, linking Belarus to as far as Western Europe and the Caucasus, all with a beautiful livery on a beautiful aircraft to go with it!