Belavia Boeing B737-800

Credits to Anna Zvereva.

I would LOVE THIS LIVERY in IF. What are your opinions?


what a beauty! bird and livery! Yes, i would definitely love to have this livery in IF!


That is SOOOO beautiful!

Would everyone mind telling what it is they love about this plane?

i appreciate this livery,

never heard of the airline tho

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The 738 looks really nice in just a blue and white livery.

IMO just lighten the blue and it reminds me of Greece.

Looks fantastic! Should be added!

Bump. I bumped this up so that this topic gets some votes in the new feature. ;-)

I really want this livery!! Considering I’m 1/2 Belarusian Medium haul flights in Global out of Belarus would be great! :)

Not sure if I like it. I am okay with the tail, but I really don’t like the text. Idk

Maybe we could get this in 19.1?

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Bump and voted for this! Now that we got the 737 reworked let’s hope this will get added in the next update!

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Gatwick to Minsk? Hell. Yes!

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F belavia :(

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