Belarus Avia Vilnius-Minsk

Today, I decided to once again continue my journey if traveling to an airport I’d never been to in IF. Today’s flight took me from Vilnius in Lithuania to Minsk in Belarus. In Belavia Crj-200.

Why Belavia

How many people do you see use Belavia in IF. I bet lots of people have never even heard of this airline.

Vilnius boarding at remote gate

Today’s fpl over to Minsk


Climbing up to FL190

Beauty, only 2 minute cruise on this flight 😬

Dockart approach today

Final RWY 13

Butter as always

Welcome to Minsk


Great photos! I live in Minsk irl :)

Btw not Vilanus, but Vilnius

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Wanted to point out the same thing with Vilnius

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