Bek Air Fokker 100 Crashes After Takeoff in Almaty

Just happened.

Bek Air #2100, a Fokker 100 with 100 people on board (95 passengers/5 crew) crashed after takeoff from Almaty, Kazakhstan.

The aircraft was flying from Almaty to Nursultan.

Unfortunately it looks like the aircraft hit a few buildings.

There are currently 14 confirmed deaths and 35 injuries.

RIP all those affected.

(Image of the crash)


Oh no. Horrible way to end 2019. Doesn’t look too good - Prayers go out to the families affected


It seems that it crashed very close to the airport, the officials say it “lost height”, so it seems like a stall.

The speed drops to 76 knots, which pretty much confirms a stall.

May the people who lost their lives in such an unfortunate incident Rest In Peace.


Wow…, that’s really sad for everyone affected as it’s just been Christmas
My thoughts and prayers are for the families, the passengers and the crew

And may the people who died Rest In Peace


ok serious time Was the plane too heavy? RIP the families and passengers, my great grandfather died in a similar situation 😞


Update: At least 9 deaths and 9 injuries. Reportedly heavy fog in the area as well.


It now looks like 14 are confirmed to have passed away with 35 others suffering injuries. What a sad day for the aviation industry.

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Not a good sign to families after Christmas and the upcoming New Year.

We will remember the people onboard this flight.
Rest in Peace


BEK AIR Flight Z9-2100


Flight details

Origin: Almaty, Kazakhstan(ALA,UAAA)

Destination: Nur-Sultan[Astana] Nazarbayev, Kazakhstan(TSE, UACC)

Operator: Bek Air(Z9, BEK)

Flight No: Z92100/BEK2100

Passengers: 95(Multiple sources)

Crew: 5(2 pilots, 3 cabin crew)

Fatalities: 12

Courtesy of Simple flying

Courtesy of The Guardian

Aircraft Details

Manufacturer: Fokker

Aircraft: Fokker 100(F28-0100)

First flight: 09/04/1996

Serial number: 11496

Power plant(s]: 2X Rolls-Royce Tay 650-15

courtesy of


Flight 2100 was supposed to be operated as a domestic flight from Almaty to Nur-sultan with either aircraft operating the flight being a Fokker 100( reg: UP-F1007) which according to was 23.7 years old at the time of the ill-fated flight.

According to Aviation Herald:
The aircraft rolled left then right after departure coming to rest to the right of the runway.

According to Flightradar24:

Aircraft is said to have begun its takeoff run at 07:20 local time(01:20UTC). The aircraft is shown to have reached 2000 feet AMSL before the recorded data stops. NOTE: Almaty Airport has an elevation of approximately 681m/2234ft AMSL.

METAR at the time of incident in Almaty:

UAAA 270100Z 14001MPS 1000 R05L/P2000N R05R/P2000D BR FU NSC M12/M13 Q1014 R88/91//50 NOSIG

Weather was reported at around -9°c accompanied by fog and very little winds.(The Guardian)

According to The Guardian:
The Kazakhstan Aviation Committee has grounded all Fokker 100 jets. The Interior ministry said it was investigating a breach of flight operations and safety regulations.

My sincere condolences to the loved ones of those who lost their lives in this accident and I wish a speedy recovery to the injured


My grandparents live in Almaty calling them now gonna ask about it

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Condolences to the victims and their families. There can’t be anything wrong with this aircraft type, it has been operated by QantasLink for years without issue. If it is a mechanical issue in any way, it would most likely have been caused by manitenance or pilot error unfortunately.

Strangely, this reminds me of a crash that occurred over 20 years ago. It was with the same type of aircraft, the F100, but Fokker did state they fixed it.


I think thats a pretty isolated incident. It reminds me more of this, also considering the weather conditions in Almaty


Prayers to all affected.

Wow, that is a tragic accident! :(

Prayers to all those affected. Those that have lost their lives on this unfortunate day are now in a better place

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