Being vectored onto too short of a runway at O'Hare

Hi, I am currently being vectored in a 748 to the 7000 ft 9L. How do I inform the controller the runway is to short. I have 100,000 lbs of total cargo

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Try to request diffrent runway…


I don’t want to get report though.

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Yeah exatcly hmm try to PM him/her on IFC

Ok, I’ll try. I think it’s @sebi-ue

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Runways at O’hare are long enough just don’t float and you should be fine. You can’t make it go around. And go from there

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Ok, just not the best with the 748. I like the 777 best

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Probably even the half of 9L is enough if you push the brakes and reverse.

If you are going to slow enough on approach with an appropriate flap setting, you should have no problem landing there. Also, you can always request a runway change, and the worst you will get is “unable”. I wouldn’t worry about getting ghosted as long as you request a runway that is in the ATIS for landing runways.

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B747-8 OPS NOT AUZD ON RYS 09R/27L, 09L/27R AND 10R/28L.


Yep, thanks @Andre_S but I ended up with a terrible landing on 10L due to lag.

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Unrealistic deceleration physics mean it wouldnt be an issue on IF, unfortunately.

You fear to get reported for requesting a different runway? Is that where we are now?

Not sure where this comes from, but IFATCs are there to provide a service not to report people.

And…please…don’t give me the “I got ghosted for the wrong reason”, because surely you’ve already had a good chat to the controller about this.


Yeah, I didn’t get ghosted but the airspace was really busy and he wasn’t going to take it twice.

Then only request it once…

In the future, unless your request is actually ridiculous, don’t hesitate to ask. The worst they can do is say no.


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