Being Told "No Pattern Work Accepted at this Time" When Not in the Pattern

I recently was flying on the Expert Server. I took off out of an airport about 200nm away from one with ATC. I contacted approach for my destination airport but was told “no pattern work accepted.” Am I wrong, or is pattern work only when you takeoff and land at the same airport while remaining at pattern altitude?

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Do you know who the controller was? And did you happen to get a screen shot of your log? Also if your 200nm away from your destination Don’t call inbound. Wait until your about 100-70nm out. Calling in 200nm away makes the approach controllers screen of planes overly expanded. And you will only get a heading and have to fly that for awhile until you get closer, and will most likely think that the controller forgot about you.

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I took off from an airport 200 nm away. I requested approach about 100nm away. No, I didn’t get a screenshot.

And I don’t know who the controller was…

Was it a broadcasted message or a direct response?

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Ok, just the way it was worded made it sound like you contacted appr right after take off.

Well… there’s not much you can really do then. If you did know who the controller was then I would tell to you send them PM and they could tell you what happened from their side. 🙂

It was a direct response of me calling inbound

In that case, send the controller a PM, and get it all sorted out. IFATC controllers are always willing to help out.

Approach ATC does not have any option about pattern work allowed, that would be Tower and you cannot contact them unless you’re within 25nm of their airspace, perhaps you tuned into the ATIS frequency.

He doesn’t know who the controller was!

@Chief305 I was just thinking that, but wasn’t sure.

Ok. And yes, I pretty much contacted them right after bc I took off very close to my destination

No sry, I meant calling inbound to tower

He can easily find out, if it was earlier today, then he could see if the controller is still online. We don’t know what terms “recently” is in.

“recently” two days ago

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You called inbound with Tower while 200 miles away? Something is not adding up here, perhaps you’re confused with Tower and ATIS.

Take a look at that post and video I linked above ^^^

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No, the airport I took off from was 200nm away! I contacted them much later. It was not ATIS

He had already stated that he didn’t know and he said it was 2 days ago, after the fact.

You came inbound for landing then, did you call inbound for a touch and go or for a full stop. Perhaps he was not accepting pattern and you could of said inbound touch and go, and he said no pattern work. You have any screenshots?

No, sry. No screenshots. I called inbound for a complete stop.

And either way, just bc you request a touch and go doesn’t mean it’s pattern work.