Being Told a Plane is Too Large When it Isn't

I spawned into ASE with a 788, built a flight plan and requested taxi to the active. Ground immediately replied that the plane was too big. As this was happening a 787-9 was landing. Is there some kind of moderation on ATC operators? If you can spawn into an airport with a plane, how is that plane too big?

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It’s a new rule that is to be followed by all IFATC on the Expert Server


I thought of this earlier


Thank you Zachary. Was there a thread about this somewhere?

It seems a bit crazy that ATC is allowing heavies to land but people are spawning in without knowing this NOTAM is in place.

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Not sure about that. My pleasure

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"Being Told a Plane is Too Large When it Isn’t "

But it is.


Appreciate the sarcasm. :rolleyes:

The NOTAM says the aircraft is too large. If the aircraft is too large for the airport then don’t let them spawn there, the functionality is already in IF.

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The thing is, Even though the 787 is a heavy, it has a medium icon. You don’t go Into the info box for every aircraft in busy hours, and Sometimes it slips through. But it shouldn’t happen nevertheless.


The 787 is too big – period. :) There’s nothing to argue about, the runway is FAR to small for a safe takeoff


That makes sense, appreciate the insight. I wish there was an easier way to find some of this information before joining a server.

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So shouldn’t the response be to ask the developers to remove the abilities to spawn in with heavies at ASE/EGE?

Where did you find this?

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The devolpers are busy and although this would be nice it might be time consuming to adjust all the airports aircraft spawn capabilities


Giving you benefit of the doubt for not knowing. I agree we should restrict aircraft from spawning. Problem is that would be difficult to do for every airport in the world.

How was I supposed to know? Are these NOTAMs posted somewhere in game? I don’t always go to the forums before flying.

Nope. You just have to know everything. You need to be an expert to fly on the expert server.


I knew the internet was a toxic place but holy crap.


In all fairness it’s the expert server and he was I no way toxic but more brutally honest

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MaxSez: Anybody: Where pray tell is the NOTAM - Airport Restriction for the 321 & 757 for KASE & KEGE publicly posted. I note the lovely NOTAM poster but am unable to locate it in IF News or the Expert Server Rules Page on the IF Simulator App nor on the Forum to include VIA an Archive search or as a Header.
Knowledge is Power. I prefer people power, subscribers are people with a right to know and not be faced with Un-publically announced gotya’s. If I missed it please Re-Posted Publicly. I was remiss.


Sorry for the lack of understanding in this topic as @AR_AR thinks he’s funny sometimes. There was no way for you to know beforehand especially if you are new to the expert server. The landing 787 must have slipped through as @Mats_Edvin_Aaro said, we do not permit these planes to operate at the airports @Zachary_Meir_Tish listed so please keep that in mind for next time. You didn’t get ghosted so no harm done. Just a learning experience:)