Being Reported

I was on expert server and I was flying emirates and I was going fromOMDB to EDDL AnD I was taxiing to the runway it was yellow like OK I still can make it so I checked it was the Emirates that took off on a dead runway and he still did not get reported by the player but when I got lined up on the runway and wish I had switched so then I got ghosted for no apparent reason so can you please fix this Thank You

If you’re saying the Runway heading turned from Yellow to Red, well, that doesn’t mean it is “dead” or unusable or closed. It simply indicates the winds are not necessarily favorable for takeoff or landing.

Either way, check your logbook to see who ghosted you and contact the controller via PM for further discussion.


But I still went down a grade I was 3 now im 2 because a player reported me

This. IFATC controllers are generally a lovely bunch and won’t hesitate to clarify their reasons for ghosting you. If you can’t find the controller’s IFC tag, just upload a picture of the logbook and I’ll put you in touch with them :)


It was not a controller it was a pilot

There was no atc

Can you please send a pic of your logbook :)

Oh it was removed thank u

So you’re grade 3 now?

Yes I am thank u so much

A mod can close