Being Reported

I was recently reported for not contacting Tower in Mumbai, however I didnt have the option to contact them. I have screenshots of the incident and I don’t know what to do! PNG|800x600


Hey! Please contact the controller who ghosted you via PM. You can find their name in the logbook next to the flight.

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I know exactly what you’re talking about, this nearly happened to me too.

I was on-guarded twice, but for a while it only said Ground was open. (It should have said ATIS, Tower, Ground, Approach, etc.

Eventually, all the other ATC controllers appeared, and I signed on to Tower before I was reported or ghosted.


Who was the controller
Contact the controller to discuss this further
Provide evidence to the controller
And being respectful and formal

Please PM the controller as well.


I was the controller, expect a PM soon


I had the same issue a couple days ago, however I was not reported, the controller said to contact approach on 118 but there was no approach, there was only ground. So i just quit before being reported…

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