Being Professional

Can a warning go onto the play store site warning anyone who is considering subscribing to IF that they will automatically be classed as “Noobs” until they get on expert. I believe that this site has now become very elitist. I take offence at all pilots / ATC controllers and anyone else in the IF community who tarnish everyone on TS1 as noobs and I also think any new pilot joining IF would also be offended. We speak of professionalism so much on this site, maybe we need to be more professional in other ways than just flying. It’s time for a culture change. Let’s give respect to all pilots regardless of rank.


I see your point, but facts don’t care about your feelings🤷🏻‍♂️


Many of us will say that the training server has a purpose just like its title says “training.” We all started somewhere and worked our way up to the Expert Server through learning experiences in a training environment. I don’t know what you are on about with this whole noobs concept?

This simulator and the community will give back what you are willing to invest in it! If you dedicate time, patience and self motivation to become a good pilot and controller then it will resonate to those you come in contact with. If you cut corners and approach the simulator with a careless and lazy approach then that’s will reflect in your piloting and controlling abilities.


In all seriousness, not everyone on TS1 is unprofessional/“nooby”. But a good amount of them are, and people who are actually trying to have a decent experience complain about them, that’s why we encourage them to come to the Expert Server!

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It’s not my feelings I am concerned for bit those of any new or potential pilot joining Infinate flight

You don’t get better overnight. That is why this forum has the #tutorials category, so those “noobs” can learn :)


Well for one where do you think the terminology “Noob” on TS1 Comes into play. They get their feedback because they don’t act professional. You have many grade 1 players ignoring the ATC, and many of em taxiing and takeoff when they aren’t suppose to. I believe I wouldn’t use the word “noob” but a more proffesional word “Unprofessional”. We as Grade 3,4,5s judge the TS1 as noobs because they don’t act like the professional pilots they want to be. I believe it is the pilots responsibility on how they should act not the amount of “professionalism” we treat them as. “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” In this case, its not us, but you as the pilot. I believe if everyone on the TS1 acted like they were suppose to and actually listen, we wouldn’t classify them at all, we would treat them like every other pilot. As everyone here, we start somewhere and we worked our way up… Not everyone “shines bright like a diamond” on the servers but they do learn and learn.


I believe the posts that you are referring to and tarnish TS1 are more centered around the person complaining that they don’t like it. Those are the people who get the response “if you don’t like it, fly on expert”.

I think majority of the community understands the training server. Sure it would be nice to have more structure but people are learning.


I think maybe the TS2 server may need to be enforced with some rules to ensure that all pilots act accordly. If rules are not enforced on TS2 no one will respect expert server. Just my thoughts.


The problem is that when we had TS2 before, the same people who caused issues on TS1 did it on TS2. It was just a volume difference really.

The server descriptions are there for a reason to help new pilots.

My only wish was that it was a requirement to be on the community before flying but I know that can’t happen.


But the thing is, I and many others can’t come onto the expert server. You know why? Because of the requirements. I am at grade 2 and am forced to fly on TS1 or Casual because, while I meet the Landings requirement and have 0 violations, I don’t have enough XP to reach Grade 3 and find XP extremely hard to get due to being forced to fly short haul because of my schoolwork and so on.

On the flip side, Expert Server isn’t exactly professional either. While it is more professional than TS1, you still get the occasional barrel rolling A380 (which is luckily punished quickly due to good moderating from the IFATC team).

Overall, I think that there should be better options on TS1 to increase professionalism (e.g make there be an IFATC on TS1 with full ghosting abilities but a bit less strict due to the players being new).

I like to break things down to bone when defining a word. Our word for this thread is what you are saying, “Noob”. When I type “Noob” into my Google search a bunch of definitions come up and the common words that are often associated with “Noob” are newbie, or something new to someone; something that someone is not familiar with.

I’d say that this would accurately reflect in regards to what exactly the Training Server is. The training server as noted by others is a place for pilots to train, and to learn the proper procedures for the various features that are included in Infinite Flight. In my opinion, I don’t see “Noob” as a derogatory term but rather a shorter name/nickname for “Newbie” as defined by the World Wide Web. After all, all new pilots when they created an account essentially start at Grade 0 and have no choice to fly on either the Casual or Training Server because they are new. We all started at the bottom. Everyone was considered a “noob” at some point or another…

Side note:
I’m still considered a “noob” at my place of employment. Yet I don’t ask them to throw in a disclaimer to their future employment opportunities.

Something to ponder.🤔


And these are all points that have been brought up multiple times before. I can almost set my watch to it. The devs are aware.

Not everyone new to the game is a noob. It’s the people that don’t try to learn that are noobs. Everyone has the potential to reach the top, but not everyone has the effort
Fun fact, if you change the first letter in “noobs” you get something altogether different… ;)


Being courteous is nice. Receiving it in return even better. But it’s just not how everything works.

Are we really asking for a ‘Warning: Feelings May Be Hurt’ sticker on the box? Im not saying that I support objectionable behavior, but it simply can’t be expected to be avoided anywhere on the Internet; actually, not in life, either.

Have you ever played CoD? I’m 34, and I’ve got 12 year olds telling me they’ve done unmentionable things to my mother. Life is rough. It doesn’t hold your hand.

Believe me, I wish I could tell you being called a noob is as bad as it gets in life. If only that were true.

Again, not saying people should be disrespectful. Just that there’s no way there needs to be a warning on the app. Life is rough. A lot rougher than being called a noob.


@John_Ryan… MaxSez: Your absolutely right John. “Noob” is a Pejorative Term, it even sound rude. I prefer “Peanut”, It has a nice gental ring to it. Your Social Consciousness noted. Please tip toe through the daisies as you depart the ramp. G’nite


I look at it this way. We were all noobs at some point. I agree that most of the new comers want to advance and join the great universe we call the expert server. I personally respect all of you…HOWEVER, there are some pilots out there that have ruined it for the rest. They’re the ones who can care less about the rules. I feel for ya pal.

This doesn’t only apply to the community and IF, but it applies to real life also. Very well said Chris. ;)


I agree with most of these posts. I’ve been on IF for years and have about 1000 hours. I frequently play on TS since the update because of the higher activity around the world and usual ATC prescience, even though most of the ATC aren’t the best


Noob seems fine, it’s not racist, sexist, or particularly derogatory in any sense.
I was a noob once, and in certain planes/ weather…I still am. :)

Let’s not be snowflakes, I’ve been called much worse by my 6 year old.

If I go and play call of duty I am a complete and utter noob. And I wouldn’t expect that to change unless I tried a lot harder.
Happy flying!