Being one of the none-Ryanair planes in LEBL during the group flight

Air Europa B789
Departure time: 19:30Z ( Took off at 19:39Z)
Arrival time: 21:00Z ( Landed at 20:32Z)
Flight time: 00:53H

At LEBL can you find me??

Holding short rwy 25L, KLM B78X taking off

Rotating early (only had 30% load on the plane)

That left turn 🥰 ( This is why I love LEBL)

Medditerranean sea + coast of Catalonia

Iberian System

Approimating LEMD + Central System

Landing at LEMD with 21kts of winds

Even with the winds, made a -98fpm

Parked at Terminal 2, I highly recommend this flight


Excellent photos Yenier, they look really nice!👋


Very nice pictures @yenier_Rodriguez!

Nice to see Barcelona Airport getting some love, (never happens lol)

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Thx, love to the see that

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Yeah lol, love BCN, At least this month we air had 2 airports having atc shedule, and on Sunday LEMD also has ATC shedule, so that’s nice for doing dometic routes

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