Being harassed by controllers

Just did a small hope from EGLC to EGLL, no ATC at EGLC so took off, and as I rotated ATC became available, so received an on guard message. I’d just contacted one of three available EGLL tower frequencies. I ignored the on guard message as I had already contacted EGLL tower, but I received another on guard message from EGLC, so requested frequency change from EGLC, once back with EGLL tower, I then received an onguard message from EGKK director, EGLL tower - a different frequency to what I was already on, London centre and another three from EGLL tower - the same frequency that sent me an onguard message before.
It was pretty clear I was heading for the ILS at EGLL 27R, but still received all these messages.
Can we do something to stop this happening again?

Was this on the Playground Server? It’s expected… most of the controllers on this server are learning…

Trust me, all the officially granted ATCs would NEVER harass a pilot. We try to provide a proffesional service to our clients.

If it was on Adv Serv 1, this person will be dealt with, Im sure.


Even i had similar experience in advanced server…i think its the “unawareness” of the particular controller…wherever there is 2 tower…2 controllers might be different…as a pilot am already on my arriving freq…but the other tower controler sends me an onguard msg…he doesnt have the knwldge to chk wht freq am in…its just the missing of tht technical knwldge

First time poster - greetings all.
Have to say that this is one incredibly good flight sim! Puts MSFS to shame a little bit. You guys - the developers must be in the genius category. Can appreciate the dimensional thinking that must have been deployed to develop this app.
The Live ATC is a great learning experience. I have a PPL (VFR) so have really enjoyed the IFR experience and learning from it - though realise its still virtual :smile:
I like jumping into ATC towers and have recently tried out departures and approach. The more I play the ATC part , the more serious I become in protecting ‘my’ airspace. Today I found myself becoming a bit angry when pilots were mucking around when I was concentrating on approach - trying to work with the more serious players.
Which leads me to my point - would it be possible to add an ’ intermediate’ server which caters for players who don’t feel like mucking up but are not up to speed for the advanced server?
I would gladly pay a bit more in monthly subs to support this - there are prob other who would too.
You have a free-for-all server and playground ATC - then a big jump to advanced ( which seems to be under utilised).