Being ghosted twice, I had an issue with my phone the first time

@PlaneGeek, I took off from SBBR a few minutes ago. My airplane was stuck on autopilot and on 178 knots, I tried requesting to land back because I wasn’t gaining any altitude from it, so you denied it twice because you thought I was doing touch and go’s, but that was my situation. I’m sorry if I was a bother in your airspace. But then I was going to land at the nearest airport and once I pressed your frequency I got ghosted. Then I went and got a Citation X and took off from SIQE headed for SBBR with a flight plan, but you ghosted me again as soon as I my wheels left the ground. Can we please talk this out, and see if we can get those removed, I’ll appreciate if we can come to an agreement on this accident and slightly a technical difficulty cause my phone screen is cracked and it’s senseless in some parts. I hope you can get back to me thanks !

If you already know the controller, why not just PM them? No need to create a separate topic.


Sure, I’ll DM you.