Being better at formation/Interception

I was wondering that can I have advice of what techniques to use towards that, etc. And also how can you intercept Bette r


I don’t understand what you want to intercept. Maybe…elaborate a bit?

Yes. Are you communicating with people or not?


I am confused

As in intercepting planes midair?

I think he means are you in contact with any friends or a VA.

If you are in contact with people, ask for their speed. In either ground or air speed Then, if you are behind the plane trying to catch up, you speed up. If you are very far away, you speed up more. Once you see that the plane you are trying to intercept is yellow, slow down to around 10-15 knots above their speed. Once you see red, you slow down to almost their exact speed. Once you are right near the plane, slow down to their exact speed, and fly. I would not recommend using autopilot for the heading, so you have the ability to move if you want. If you are in front of the person you are trying to intercept, then slow down to let them pass you by a bit. The closer they get the closer to their speed you want to be. If this confuses you, just tell me, so I will redo it. I am very tired right now.

I personally am not good at keeping the formation, because, well it’s me. Also turn your sensitivity down a bit if you have a high.

Ya correct

No i am not

Could you perhaps provide some context to your post so that everyone doesn’t have to guess at what you’re asking?

Perhaps if you fleshed out your question a bit, we would know how to answer you.

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I have 2 accounts to do this haha lol for my YouTube videos and I’d say I’m pro at formation flying ;)

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