Being able to see aircraft lights from 'Cockpit View'

##Being able to see aircraft lights from ‘Cockpit View’

Evening IFC,

My feature request tonight isn’t for a new aircraft livery or 3D buildings, but something that I think could so easily make IFC that little bit closer to being real!

I have noticed for a while, that whilst in ‘cockpit’ view, other aircraft lights, most notably landing lights; are not visible.

Only by moving into the other views do those lights then come into view.

By adding this simple feature, it opens the ability to effectively scan for inbound aircraft in Unicom and also to further identify taxing and departing aircraft without the need to move to a different view.

Just an idea, let me know your thoughts!

I like it I wish the landing light a were a bit brighter to see where you are actually going.


I’m pretty sure I’ve noticed the lights on other aircraft from cokpit view. Maybe it has something to do with what graphic sttings you are using.

Yes the lights do need to be brighter. It would be useful if we had a taxi light in addition to the landing lights.


Both aircraft and ground lighting definitely need some TLC. Wouldn’t expect it any time soon though.


This would be a great feature to add to the realism. Too small of a feature to earn by vote but you have my support!


Check again mate. I’ve just done some testing to be sure, you cannot see other aircrafts landing lights in cockpit view. For clarity Is this a bug @Tyler_Shelton or something we should, be requesting as a feature??


The landing lights aren’t really lights on IF, just white spots.

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First priority regarding landing lights has to be that they actually…light up the space in front of you.


Yes exactly, we need this instead of just staring into a black abyss of nothing

this is a great request, Bringing it back up.
We would’nt NEED taxi lights if we had this.
but i would still want them