Being able to monitor other frequencies?

I’d love to be tuned into ground and ask for runway crossing but to monitor the tower just in case people die


Hey Joe! It would indeed be a handly little feature…But it’s just how to implement this in a practical way!

It would be especially handy for Monitoring ATIS as well! :) ;)

One to watch!

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I haven’t actually tried, but can’t you already do this as an ‘observer’…? If tower was already taken, you can still select to act as ground, and select tower and you will be an observer?

The only downfall is that if tower comes active after you have joined, you would have to exit and re select ground and tower observe again?

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I mean as you’re piloting a plane

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Apologies, misread your first post.

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hhhhmmm…rather interesting…hhhmmmm