Being Able To Draw Your Own Taxi Route

That would be neat, also welcome back!


It would be so cool if we could actually have taxiway signs so we could have ATC tell us were to taxi…
Because in real life Ground would say: Taxi via CHARLIE, ALPHA 2 and BRAVO 3 (Not real taxiways but just an example).

I just personally believe tis would add so much realism to the Infinity Flight Sim.


As I said, you can vote for that on the link above!
I will link it here again : Taxiway Signs

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It’s infinite flight. :)

I think this is an amazing idea and would love to see it in Infinite Flight! Only problem I can see is that if you are flying the 747, A380, or any other large aircraft and you draw the wrong route, resulting in taxiing on a taxiway that isn’t big enough. I think the developers might be able to put in taxiway restrictions like they did for gates though, and this could also be prevented from the pilot too. I hope this works, and I freed up a vote.

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Thanks. :)

Of course. It’s a truely brilliant idea 👍

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It’s truly not truely, but does that really matter? lol

I’m not sure what the point of this is…In real life, pilots don’t request their own specific taxi instructions to get to an assigned runway, that is the ramp/ground controller’s responsibility.

Imagine this being used at a busy FNF airport or hub with ATC; the ground controller would have to approve every single request, and if it is not satisfactory, they would have to ask you to amend your route. All these messages spam the frequency and everyone would be better off if the ground controller just told you what to do, and you follow (like in real life). The route the controller wants you to take would then appear on your map so that you can follow. This to me is more sensible and actually replicates real world procedures, but modified to IF’s platform and systems.

Well this can be only Casual and Training, or IFATC can just deny all taxi requests from their route and it can be a remark in the ATIS as well like “Denying all Taxi by your route requests”.

No one actually listens to ATIS or the instructions in it (ie gate holds for exmaple). And again, using your example, atc will probably deny most of the requests anyway, so then whats the point?

It adds unnecessary clutter for no added benefit to either the pilot or controller.

Great idea! Since I created the “Drag and Taxi” feature that has been mentioned in this thread, I believe I should add some input as well. My feature request did not cover every possible quirk, such as personalized taxi routes at airports without ATC for example as discussed here (I love this btw!). I wish I could tweak my feature request, but it has been quite a long time since I made it, and I can no longer edit it. If you’d like to take a peak here is the thread for my feature request:

“Drag and Taxi” Feature

Thanks again!

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