Being able to create your own airline in game

Hey yall! I just thought about this idea, about being able to create our own airline in game, and being bale to recruit people through it. I think it would be very cool, people would have requirements of course, but i thin it would be a good idea to advance the VA community. Tell me what yall think.

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So you want to create a fictional VA

like you know how people make VA now? well yes fictional but for in game

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If your talking about VA then yes you can create a fictional airliner and run it. If your talking about fictional airliners being in the game physically like liveries and stuff can’t happen. Infinite flight is based on real world aviation and tries to be as real as possible. :)

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i understand that i think it would be a nice add on maybe, we could have different servers just for the VA

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Have a look at this thread as many VAs are based on real as well as fictional


yea i understand about that, but i was just talking about a in game feature

It’s pretty easy, the process takes a long time but once you get approved it’s fun. I’m in the works for my own fictional va

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What he wants is a seperate Flight Server for VAs only.

the closest alternative to what you want is probably the IF Passengers app where you can recruit pilots in-game and so on. hopefully in the future IF adds VA-support such as being able to make groups of users (in a VA for example) and knowing what they’re up to, etc.

Lots of VAs already have a flight tracker section hosted by LiveFlight that tracks their pilots.

yes Im aware of that, I was referring to an in-game feature which supports it

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