Being a Heavy

Hey there IFC, I have a question about heavies. I understand that when you use Heavy, you are usually about or above 250 tonnes, but what happens if you are arriving at your destination, need to contact ATC, but you are under 250 tonnes? Do you just remove it from your callsign before contacting them or do you leave it the entire flight?

The callsign “Heavy” is based on the weight you depart, regardless your weight at the arrival time, you should remain with the callsing!

Keep it up!

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So use it in my callsign the entire flight?
Thanks for the reply :)

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Yes, if you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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Hey there! Just to ensure you have the correct information, the “Heavy” classification for an aircraft is based on the aircraft’s Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTW) of 300,000lbs or more.

The classification Heavy or Super stays with the aircraft regardless of its current weight since the aircraft receives its classification based on its design capabilities, not current configuration.

Keep Heavy in your callsign. Have a great flight!


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