Beijing ZBAA tower

Beijing Capital has 2 control towers, I thought they added a custom tower? Did they just add a custom tower without removing the old one?
Also I noticed that Chinese airports like Beijing and Shanghai are rarely opened by ATC why is no one interested in controlling here? Most of the time it is the Chinese players that open them

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Both of their control towers are custom

so the airport has 2 control towers in real life?

Looking at images I found on the interwebs, I believe that Beijing Capital has two airport control towers.

At least at one point PEK had two control towers but I do not know if this is still the case, by the older look of the second tower I would have to assume it was replaced by the modern tower but then again, up until recently PEK was the sole international airport for Beijing so there’s a chance they actually used both for something

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Terminal 3 is the more recognizable and modern terminal at the airport and the older tower is next to the original terminals from 1980 and 1999 so I am making the assumption that it’s the original tower for PEK and has since been replaced.

You can see both towers on the very very far right of this picture from Wikipedia

No both of them are still there as the old one gives a better view of the left runway and the new one gives a better view of the new terminal three


I figured that could be the case to because the runways are kind of far from each other aren’t they, at least on google maps they are :p

So true, when Beijing and Tokyo was featured at the same day almost everyone flocks to Tokyo lol

Not sure why, Beijing Capital is absolutely massive and has a huge modern terminal building. I’m always anticipating my arrival there when I fly there.

ATC Staffing rule changes may have led to this happening. Controllers are now able to control anywhere in the world, at any time, unless there is an official event ongoing such as during FNF or during GA Days. What this also means is that there will be a more continual presence at busier airports such as at your hubs such as EGLL, KLAX, EHAM and so on.

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