Beijing to Hong Kong in 10 replay screenshots

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Welcome aboard Cathay Pacific flight CX391 bound for Hong Kong. We will shortly be beginning pushback here on the ground at Beijing Capital and starting our taxi to runway 36R.


As we cruise south over China at 38,000 feet, I would like to invite you to have a look out of the window and enjoy the wonderful scenery and landscape that East Asia has to offer!


BONG! Hello again ladies and gentlemen. We will shortly be beginning our descent and the seat belt signs will soon be switched on. Please return to your seats at your earliest convenience and buckle up.


Temperature in Hong Kong is currently 26 degrees celsius and we are due to land on schedule with no delays. Thank you once again for flying with us today and from here on the flight deck we wish a pleasant stay and safe onward journey.

Good times!

Departure: ZBAA (Beijing Capital International Airport, Beijing, China).
Arrival: VHHH (Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong).
Flight time: 2 hours 49 minutes.
Server: Expert.
Editing: Slight changes to contrast and light to bring out the best of what is available - nothing fake added or taken away.