Beijing to Bole with the A350

I haven’t tried a Long haul flight for a awhile so I picked a random realistic route from Beijing to Addis Ababa with Ethiopian airlines and it surprising that it took less than 10 hours since the winds are pretty average in that time


Airbus A350-900

Taken off in medium weight

Climbing past mountains and climbing to FL340

Later on I needed to avoid The Tibet area since less airlines cants go there because of high mountains (Himalayas for example)

Going by India and far away Nepal as I like stepped climbed to FL360 like 2-4 hours later

Hello Mumbai!

Entering Eastern Africa 2-3 hours later

Beginning my approach on a hot and high airport of Ethiopia

Nice to see a fellow A350 here planning a flight

That’s all for today I hope you liked them and see more next time from me, Have a good day


Amazing shots, I remember a couple months ago I flew into Addis Ababa(IF), approach was amazing!


Great shots! Number 2 is stunning, the perfect sunset pic overlooking the mountains. I also was flying a long haul today with Ethiopian’s Dreamliner.

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The last picture is GOLD (of course the rest are as well). Incredible job!

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Amazing shots!

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Anyway you wanna know why I avoided Tibet china please watch this

If you already watch it thats ok

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Very cool pictures!
I literally just flew Shanghai to Addis Ababa 😂

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@Rian_OShea yep its nice going there
@Ben_McCarthy Cool! what have you flown with the ethiopian 787
@ShaneAviation Thanks a lot!
@IFaviationeldin Thanks a lot!
@Jacob_Layton Cool how did the shanghai to addis ababa flight go?


Great photos and very beautiful route!

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It went well! I got to my iPad a little late so I had to circle to lose altitude 😂

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nice pictures of the A350

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@Captain_Awerty Yep i had to choose it for nice scenery across

@Jacob_Layton Ok

@zion89 Thanks! I love that aircraft too

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