Beijing Daxing Flight Planning

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So I was getting ready for a long haul to Beijing Daxing for the Fly-In (and ATC) tomorrow, and I noticed that on SimBrief, they seem to not know ZBAD, or PKX on their system. Anyone else have a replacement flight planner to use for a route?


I would just put ZBAA in the flight plan but then add some waypoints to connect to ZBAD


The reason this happens is because Simbrief is using an older AIRAC cycle that doesn’t have ZBAD in it. If you connect a Navigraph subscription, you can get the current 2102 AIRAC cycle which has ZBAD and its associated procedures included. I don’t think there are any other flight planning applications out there that will let you use the latest AIRAC cycle for free unforunately.




Just make a FPL ending at ZBAA and replace the arrival fix with ZBAD’s arrivals.
Here are some initial arrival fixes (STARs begin at those fixes):
AVBOX (south)
DUMAP (South east)
BUMDU (North)
ELAPU (North west)
BELAX (South west)

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