Beijing Daxing Airport Officially Opens

Goes and creates the airport to put in IF

Is this going to be a smaller version of PEK or is it going to replace PEK soon

Better in every way.

It won’t be replacing PEK. PEK is still pretty new (2008). Daxing will allow airlines to expand on Beijing capacity, but PEK will lose out on somebody capacity as some airlines will move to Daxing.

Well, they are better off than Hong Kong.

Most people in Hong Kong live in these:

That’s true. I hope Daxing can reach 0.1 billion passengers per year in the near future.

Pretty sweet! I really like the intricate design of major Asian airports like this one and Seoul Incheon

Note to people who want ZBAD in the simulator immediately.

This will not happen immediately, instead it may be years from now the airport will be in the simulator. The reason why it will take long time to such a new airport in the simulator. Imagery satellite is the reason, the map doesn’t update its imagery satellite when the airport is open to public. Instead, it’s the area is update once a while and we cannot edit the airport with the imagery satellite we have right now. Once, it is updated and in a good quality then it’s likely to come out within 6 months. However, it’s can take long time. Please be respectful and patient.

Gabe - Member of Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team

I would say thank you to the airport team who make the Beijing New airport, is wonderful and very detailed with delegation degisn.

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