Beijing Center

ZBAA Center

Today, @ToasterStroodie and I elected to tag radar (control together) at ZBAA! Prior to the new ATC system changes, Toaster and I hadn’t done much heavier traffic controlling together in a while. We decided to change that and took ZBAA approach and center with roughly 110 inbounds.

The Plan:

It was a simple plan; I set up a continuous line of arrivals for Toaster and he has an easier time handling arrivals as a result. We decided to plan out a set of STARs, evaluated traffic patterns on with the current traffic, and decided how we would go about controlling. I had taken note of the fact that many pilots were entering the southern STARs at 20,000 feet, and when their FPL turns north when south of ZBAD and ZBTJ, I would descend them to 16,000. Then, I claimed responsibility for the speeds of the aircraft entering his airspace, as any center controller should, and got everyone down to uniform speeds prior to handoff. Everything put together and you get a very standard and solid plan, just like clockwork.

Click the picture below to see the video.


Remember: Center + Required STARs > Long Doors. ;)


This was probably one of my best and most entertaining Approach sessions in a long, long time. Absolutely phenomenal work on FIR, as always, Shane! Felt just like our old days in good ol’ Vancouver and Istanbul. Hope to do something similar again soon! ✌️

And on a side note, I think this session really emphasizes the strength of Center, as well as the importance of making a solid plan for your Radar sessions. Super efficient and organized top to bottom, if I can say so myself.