Beijing Capital Int'l Airport Departure Frequency

ZBAA do have one departure frequency. Beijing Capital Int’l Airport is the second largest airport in the world. It has 2 approach frequencies and at least one departure frequencies. IF does not have departure frequency. Departure Frequency: 128.65

See the right hand side for frequency details

More than likely this will be added in a future Navigation update for the airports. When ZBAA gets worked on this will get added in!


I just hope some editors can pay attention to this. Otherwise, it will never get added. It’s been 2 years.

One picture per request please :)

Ok…Just fixed it.

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How many votes do I need to get this easy feature added?

This is simple to solve. If another member of the editing team doesn’t fix this before me, I’ll be checking ATC frequencies for this airport this Sunday.


That sounds great.

We need Beijing’s new airport!

@Steven-Su Looking more closely at the charts from this airport today, I saw that the frequency 128.65 you mentioned is not a Departure frequency, but an ATIS Departure frequency, you know? It seems to me that this airport has no Departure frequency, according to charts, only Approach.

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Got my vote. If we had this it would make the airport good for events, flyouts, airshows, etc.

People who are voting for this, why? If it has an actual departure frequency IRL, it will be put in, if it doesn’t have one IRL, it won’t be put in. Simple as that…


There should be departure frequency. I will figure it out soon.


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Unfortunately, no official source I can find lists a proper departure frequency for this airport. 128.65 is an ATIS frequency. Until I can verify a proper departure frequency using an official source, none will be added.


Digital ATIS [D-ATIS] is an enhancement of the Tower Data Link Service (TDLS) and uses the Pre-Departure Clearance (PDC) System microcomputer to automate the delivery of airport and terminal area operational and meteorological information to aircraft flightcrews. Two phases of development are planned. The first phase will provide, via data link, a digital version of the ATIS /4 to flightcrews. Voice recording will continue to be utilized in the preparation of the ATIS broadcast. The second phase will add automated voice generation for the ATIS broadcasts.

The frequency you are referring to is a D-ATIS frequency for departures.


There are at least 2 departure frequencies. According to Beijing’s real time communication. It is 124.44. The last 4 is sometimes omitted.
In the second link, if you download Aug. 28 00:00-00:30 Zulu, at 13 min 30 second, you will hear “contact Beijing Departure at 124.44”

If you have an official source of frequencies please share it with @Ryan_E. Unfortunately there are many websites which contradict each other which is why we need an official source.