Beijing and Washington DC Civil Aircraft No-Fly Zone

Civil aircrafts may not enter the fifth ring road of Beijing.

Inside the red circle marked in the picture is the No-fly zone. I also marked Beijing Capital int’l airport. It is because Chinese paramount leaders lives right next to Tian’anmen.
If the aircraft entered the fifth ring road, the Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) will give ticket to this pilot. If an aircraft gets close to 3rd ring road, Chinese military aircraft will shoot it down.
I discovered that when IF pilots are approaching ZBAA or ZBAD, they are using the wrong air route.

For Washington DC, the no-fly zone is around the white house. Please see below for pictures. Thank you.

This would mean another permanent TFR. Sounds about right?


I don’t think this is needed. If you are trying to be realistic then just don’t fly through it. ;)


I think it would be great to implement this on ES. Since it gives more realism :-)


Something like we had in Denver. Aircraft cannot fly through there.
Washington DC no-fly zone:

The ones in Denver are only a size restriction.

Alright. I think this should be permanent restriction. This rule has been enforced for at least 10 years.

Moscow has a similar thing, but it is altitude based. At relatively low altitude (below cruise) aircraft aren’t allowed to enter past the MKAD, which is the biggest ring road around Moscow. At cruise however, I’m pretty sure they’re allowed to pass as close to the center of Moscow as they want since I’ve seen several aircraft flying overhead while being in the city-center.

But Beijing is region based, not altitude based. Our leader is afraid that someone would throw a bomb down at the top of their home…

Many cities and places like the White House right next to KDCA are no fly zones. We can’t just implement them in only one place, making users feel biased to one zone. As mentioned above, if you want to not fly over the city yourself, you’re all more than welcome to unless instructed by IFATC.


No, some Expert Server ATC gives the wrong instructions!

For example, if someone tells you enter left downwind runway 36L, it is wrong.

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Sometimes they do, but it is up to the controller. Depending on traffic, and general paths aircraft will possibly take on their departure, as well as ruwnay use are all considered into approaching aircraft. The workload for arriving aircraft can change massively compared to normal use, so sometimes does effect the arrival procedures the aircraft might take. This is a simulator, we can’t take real procedures all of the time :)

Being honest, if I was to control this airport when I was IFATC, I would’ve used 36L for pattern work during non-peak times to provide a continuous flow inbound and out on the main used runways.


However, realism does matter. As the airport editing team says, we need to put in as much realism as possible unless it is too hard to add. However, aircraft No-Fly zone isn’t too hard.

The IFAET are not responsible for how aircraft approach airports, and TFR’s 😁. They only copy waypoints and such onto the system. They use satellite imagery to edit the airports themselves.

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Who is responsible for aircraft restriction zone then?

TFR’s are enforced by IF Staff, more aimed at Tyler Shelton, the ATC Manager through-out the entire company. :) I believe Misha has put in a few before now.

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Why don’t we have aircraft no-fly zone in Washington, then?

Regarding to Beijing aircraft no-fly zone, it will be an very important feature for Virtual Air China in IF, since the base is there.

@StevenCRH. MaxSez: Nothing out of the ordinary here. Most capitals of 1st world country’s have “No Fly/Restricted Airspace.
The US is no Exception, DC (Federal Enclave) is “No Fly”
Here’s a source for US No Fly or Restricted airspace.
Note: If the IF Chart where to display US No Fly/Restricted Airspace we’d have a completely “Red” Chart.


Thanks for the website.
But, still as @Menthesuphisth says, I hope these sort of rules can be set forth in ES.

The map below vividly displays the correct route to approach ZBAA.

You know, you cannot “enter left downwind runway 36L”.
Source: flightradar 24

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I think it’s important to do things like this only in Expert server 😉