Behind the scenes tour of Newark

I had an opportunity today to take a behind the scenes tour of Newark Airporf, specifically building 1 (the operations center) and Terminal A. I had the opportunity to chat with the director of operations at Newark, which was really cool. This was a public tour run by open house New York, and I happened to win the lottery. Thanks Newark! (@moderators please change this to the RWA topic- I don’t have TL2, so I can’t.)

Getting ready to board the bus!

Arriving at Newark Building 1- This building was the first terminal in the world. It’s home to the first air traffic control tower, which is not in service, port authority police, the KEWR fire department, and administrative offices, including the airports operation headquarters.

They had some really cool models on display.

Emergency conference room with huge screens with all flight data.

Interior of world’s first ATC tower!

KEWRs operational center.

ATIS for the airport!

Entrance of new terminal A.

Giant bench in the shape of New Jersey!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think in the comments. I apologize for any issues with this- it’s one of my first posts. I would highly recommend signing up for this tour next year!


Nice! I wish KDFW would do something like this!

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Thanks @moderators for changing the category!

is it the first tower? last I checked it was london croydon

That’s what we were told. Maybe they meant in the US?

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ye, you are right, but it was for ATCC, which preceded ATC

Also I think this topic got closed since it’s not in RWA, so I’m confused why I can write in it, @schyllberg

No this was the one we moved.

Oh right. Silly me, sorry!

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