Behind the Scenes of UPS Airlines

Louisville, Kentucky based cargo operator, UPS, released some air-to-air footage of 3 types of aircraft in their fleet. The Boeing 757, 767, and the McDonnell Douglas MD-11, were captured by a Lear Jet (not Combat Learjet for those who know who he is) in some amazing filmography and photography shots that will leave you speechless. Filming location was over the north Los Angeles area, Hollywood, Thousand Oaks, Malibu, with the departure airport being that of Ontario (KONT).

Found this neat video on FlightRadar24’s website not too long ago. I found it quite fascinating on how much work goes into something that looks so graceful and elegant. For those in the Los Angeles area, did you catch any snippets of this activity last week?

Behind the Scenes of a UPS Air to Air Photoshoot


No 748 Air to air? Darn that been really cool!

Cargo airlines are my favourite to work for, I’m really excited get back on with a cargo company (for now ;))


Very cool! I never knew how a cargo airline worked behind the scenes😃 Air to air is pretty cool!

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I was hoping to see the 748 as well. Probably too busy hauling the new iPhones in from China.


Very neat! Thanks for sharing!

I actually know a pilot of a UPS 748, its cool to see this airport to air video.

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Yep very cool, UPS post some great stuff in their YouTube channel so is worth a subscribe also on Instagram you will see the pictures from this shoot. It’s a brilliant idea and not something many airlines/operators do so it’s amazing to see.

I agree with what you said. I’d like to see other airlines; more than just the handful that have already, do some air to air to show off their planes.


Wow, cool!
As a person who lives in that city, this is kinda interesting to hear how they work! never heard about their operations all that much…

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