Behind the scenes of Singapore Airlines' preparation for the first Canberra international flight

Can’t wait to see this Route this September :D

Source here
SQ291 Singapore to Canberra departing 11:00PM arriving 8:35AM (+1 day)
SQ291 Canberra to Wellington departing 9:50AM arriving 3:05PM

SQ292 Wellington to Canberra departing 8:15PM arriving 10:05PM
SQ292 Canberra to Singapore departing 11:30PM arriving 5:50AM (+1 day)

The flight will be operated by a 777-200ER, featuring 38 business class seats and 228 economy class seats.



Will this eventually be flown by the A350?

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Nope, But maybe in the future as B772 is on a process of being retired

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See that little island on the bottom of the south coast. (Tasmania)

Wouldn’t mind a few Singapore flights passing through the state ;)


Though, I hope, Singapore, Silkair, Scoot, Jetstar Asia, or maybe Tiger would operate a route to there


Of all these Singaporean airlines, you forgot to mention Jetstar Asia xD

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Great and can’t wait !

I might be going to Canberra for a holiday in September !


I Think it’s still an Australian Carrier though it(Jetstar Asia) based on Singapore ;). But I add it to my post

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Wow that must be great! I hope you spotted this aircraft! :D

Well the planes are registered here so why not? 9V-JSA is the perfect name since JSA is the ICAO code for the airline ;)

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